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Talk: On transforming systems

What would we say to a group of collaborators tasked with a new mandate and about to set out into that new territory? What’s most important to remember, especially given the certainty of facing difficult realities and doing things counter to ‘the way things have always been done’? For a primer and refresher in-one, watch the whole 20x20 presentation. Let’s keep stretching!

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Shared work: the lecture

Often the differences between collaborators—different perspectives, backgrounds, ideologies and aspirations—become the focus of meetings rather than getting work done together. The Shared Work Model offers a way to think about collaborating and moving forward on the issues and challenges we care most about in our organizations, communities, and systems.

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Live draw keynote: on shared work

Tim recently partnered with Bravespace to deliver a live draw keynote for Education, Research, Development and Innovation (ERDI). I introduced Shared Work—a model created by Tuesday Ryan Hart that I have been part of developing. Shared work is seeking to bridge the work of social justice ad systems change by looking at how we can work together across difference over time.

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