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Stand up, diggers all

“How you’re capturing these conversations here is the way that my people have been capturing their history for thousands of years,” explained the elder. “Don’t ever think of it as a gimmick. You’re doing something important and sacred.” Stand up now, fellow bards. And keep standing.

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How facilitators bring forward the new

In Art of Hosting, there's no such thing as a hands-off host. If we are among any AoH cohort, we're constantly practicing how to host actively—to surface more voices that are often surprising, otherwise marginalized, and deeply valuable. In this excerpt of Tuesday Ryan-Hart's talk, we explore beyond the intention of equity to the practical implementation of it.

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Art of Hosting: a new and ancient movement

In a webinar offered by Engage Nova Scotia and filmed at the HUB South Shore, my old friend and mentor, Toke Moeller explored the Art of Hosting: the method's radical common sense and impact, and how it's become its own movement. What can we learn from this as we work to accelerate change in Nova Scotia, and how might we use it to encourage young people to lead change within their communities?

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