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On listening to discover

A story goes that The Beatles felt they played their best music live, in front of an audience. That people listening is what made the music come alive. It’s the same for every art, every interaction, and every collaboration: the quality of listening you give will impact what people say and how well they say it.

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Are we agile?

So far, The Outside has been highly emergent and highly self-organizing, but we need structure for order, and order for growth. Not growth in the interest of capacity alone—‘do more work’—but the kind of growth that aligns with our values as partners, parents, friends, and practitioners. After all, if we can’t manage our own change, how can we manage anyone else’s?

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Advice for the new

As Tuesday describes the unique exhaustion and stimulation of our work: It’s human beings and more human beings and more human beings with all their human-beingness. We laugh about that, but boy—humanbeingness is a heck of a domain to try and nudge one way or another. Today, after yet another epic trip, we imagine the advice we’d share with our selves of five or ten years ago, when we were just starting out in our practice of leading change.

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