Episode 1.17: Personal Practice




In episode seventeen, Tim and Tuesday talk about the difference between being clear and having a feeling of clarity—even through confusion. How can we train ourselves to stay open and keep moving forward in rooms electric with uncertainty? What can we do to ensure our energy as leaders is a renewable resource?

Together, Tim Merry and Tuesday Ryan-Hart are THE OUTSIDE—systems change and equity facilitators who bring the fresh air necessary to organize movements, organizations, and collaborators forward for progress, surfacing new mindsets for greater participation and shared impact.

1.17 —— SHOW NOTES

Read the complete RADICAL EMPATHY from Kate Tempest  here .

Read the complete RADICAL EMPATHY from Kate Tempest here.

  • Tim: How do I hold my own centre and clarity the midst of it all?  How not to get caught up in it or lost in it. Brings us back to personal practice. Keeps coming up again and again.

  • Tues: Personal practice is key to navigate both the clarity and uncertainty. 

  • Tim: The difference between my brain feeling clear and having a feeling of clarity even though I’m incredibly confused. How can we train ourselves to sit in rooms where all of that is happening?

  • Tues: Sinking down below some of thoughts into something different and that place is always quiet, still and settled when I get there. Meditation has given me this.

  • Tim: Personal training directly translates into the ability to work in diverse rooms. Some of the best training in this work is being able to go inside and sit with that kind of inherent confusion of being a human being without freaking out.

  • Tues: Is that maybe why we cling to models so tightly so we don’t have to enter into that confusion?

  • Tim: Beyond self-care, personal practice is one of the things that bring you home to yourself.  We all have personal practices available to us. When you choose to step into a world of action and change-making, that is inherently unpredictable, suddenly what is a personal practice for you needs to become a disciple that enables you to do the work.

  • Tues: It’s about turning it on and bringing intention to it / see it as such. There can be a million ways to do it. What is accessible to you now?

  • Tim: What if personal practice was integrated into our idea of what it means to be a parent, a friend, a son, a coach, a leader in my faith community? What if the idea of personal practice was fundamentally connected to our understanding of what it means to be a leader / professional

  • Tues: There is some healing, cleansing, knowing, understanding, amazing thing that can happen in personal practice.

  • Poem: “Radical Empathy” by Kate Tempest

  • Song: “River” by Ibeyi


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