Change in the middle


Every now and then, we’ll reflect on a reflection that feels meaningful in the work right now, somehow. Could it be meaningful to you in your work, too? It makes a difference when we, as change facilitators, take a moment to step back from the tactics and the struggle to think on the significance of what we’re doing together. —Tim and Tuesday

I love the middle of change. The creative chaos when everyone is stretched, relationships are tested, and assumptions dissolved. Uncomfort abounds as a green light to show we are learning, stepping OUTSIDE what we know and into the fertile ground of the unknown.

The discovery is on.
The learning is happening all around us.
Something will emerge but none of us know it is.

We grow trust in each other through the work. We build the muscles of discernment. We make choices at the crossroads of data, intuition, common sense and collective intelligence.

Then we test and learn again.

Tim MerryComment